2012 Outlook For Scottsdale Housing Market

It’s been a rough couple of years, in case you’ve been paying attention! The number of Scottsdale real estate agents, particularly those selling homes in North Scottsdale, Carefree, and Cave Creek, have diminished since 2007. Where it was once possible to make a nice living selling a few homes a year, the modern Scottsdale agent needs to command social media channels, have a list of high end contacts, and must jump through hoops to make a living in a tough AZ real estate market. Even worse, the drop in home prices means that commissions may be a third of what they were in the real estate investing heyday.

So much for the bad news! If you want to buy a house, there is no better time, as long as you can secure the money. Smart investors with an eye to the future are already thinking of how the market will look in five years. Scottsdale is a great place for buying a home or investing in a property, as it is expected to recover more rapidly than a large amount of the Phoenix metro area market. If you are looking to sell, you obviously have your work cut out for you, but this does not mean you can’t stage your home so it is ready for investors, especially if your house has features that may put it a couple thousand dollars over the price of other homes in your neighborhood.